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Sandy Beaches and Coral Reefs

Blue waters, long stretches of sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind and fishing boats out at sea. Sounds like something out of a movie – or a perfect dream. Yet this is Sri Lanka, an island nation where the waves of the Indian Ocean lap on our beaches and where the tropical sun shines down all year.

Buy fresh catch off a fisherman’s boat, stretch out on a secluded beach, enjoy an idyllic afternoon on a deck chair or in the pool, grab a drink and sit back to watch an unforgettable sunset – no matter what time of day you will most certainly be doing something relaxing and fun when on one of Sri Lanka’s great beaches.

A multitude of tropical fish, magnificently colourful coral reefs and fascinating ship wrecks can be explored at several locations off the south coast of Sri Lanka.In HIKKADUWA and UNAWATUNA provide diving and glass bottomed boat tours to see the coral reefs . In the west of Sri Lanka, head to 'Bar Reef' (Sri Lanka's largest reef, easily accessible from the Puttalam district town of KALPITIYA, spanning an impressive 3 nautical miles in length and 1 nautical mile in breadth, Pigeon Island, off Nilaveli (just north of TRINCOMALEE) is a paradise of turquoise-coloured waters and abundant fish and coral life make it the ultimate underwater experience.

Wild Life and Birds

Sri Lanka has a rich and exotic variety of wildlife and a long tradition of conservation rooted in its 2,230 year old Buddhist civilization. The animals to be seen in Sri Lanka's national parks include elephant, leopard, sloth bear, sambhur, deer and monkeys, wild buffalo, wild boar (pig), porcupine, ant-eater, civet cat, jackal, mongoose, loris (unique to sri Lanka) several varieties of lizards, squirrels, reptiles and amphibians.

Yala (Ruhuna),Wilpattu,MaduruOya ,Galoya, Bundala, Horton Planes, Udawalawe and Wasgamuwa are the main national parks in Sri Lanka where you can find the rich bio diversity and get the wild life experience.

Nature and Hill Country

You will never be far away from beautiful countryside, wildlife , indigenous birds and plants.

The Sri Lankan highlands enhance the country's richly-varied landscape. Only a few hours from the coast, here is a land of rushing waterfalls, plunging ravines and tea estates clinging precariously to steep hillsides. Lovers of train travel will also be enchanted by the Sri Lankan highlands. This is deservedly regarded as one of the finest train journeys in the world.

When compared to to its size, Sri lanka has perhaps the largest number of waterfalls of any country in the world. Indeed, there are nearly 100 in Sri Lanka. The largest being no less than 263 metres high

A rainforest can be described as an extremely stable eco-system because it experiences rain for more than six months of the year, so it is hardly surprising that in Sri Lanka they are all located in the wet zone areas.

Made up of a massively complex structure of tall trees, a wild profusion of flowers and a vast array of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals that are all interdependent on each other, there is no end to what may be discovered during a rainforest exploration in Sri Lanka . The awe-inspiring experience cannot be described in any words or shown in photos that would do it justice – try it for yourself and see!

Culture and Heritage

Sri Lanka is a well known destination to tourists for its fascinating cultural tourism attractions of ancient cities and world heritage sites. The magnificent, centuries old historical ruins and monuments of the ancient cities in the island interior reveal the advanced culture of ancient civilizations of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s famous historical sites have become the staple of many a travel programme. The ruined old capitals of Polonnuruwa and Anuradhapura, the lion rock of Mount Sigiriya, and the Dambulla rock temple, possess a real sense of history.

Known as the Smiling People though out the world Sri Lankans enjoy a unique life style that's humble, artistic, entertaining and touching someone's heart with Sri Lanka hospitality known for centuries. The intimate connection between Society and Buddhism as well as traditional forms of Art, Dance and Music are the fusion of the Sri Lanka Cultiure

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