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Conducting of Round Tours

Packaged & Tailor made

Sri Lanka is the country with largest number of different types of attractions and activities for travelers compared to its size. Our round tours packages are carefully planned to experience the most of the important places to see and most of the interesting activities you can experience.

In addition, the round tours can be arranged according to your requirement considering the facts such as….

  • Number of days you are going to travel
  • Your budget
  • Your accommodation options( ranging from home units to star class hotels )
  • Your interests
  • Number of people you are travelling with

Providing transport

We have a fleet of vehicles belongs to budget range, mid-range and luxury class which are well maintained, comfortable and trouble free.We will arrange a vehicle of your choice upon arrival for the tour within Sri Lanka

Providing accommodation

Since we have relationships with most of the Hotels, holiday bungalows and guest houses in Sri lanka, we can reserve your accommodation at places of your choice depending on your interest and most importantly to suit your budget

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